Section Elections

The election e-ballots were sent out and received by the members on November 8th. Since the balloting will be electronic it is imperative that your e-mail addresses are correct with ITE. Check your spam filter if you did not receive your electronic ballot from vote @ electionsonline.com.
2020 NEITE Board of Director Nomination Slate will be approved in October, 2019.
Election results will be announced at the NEITE Annual Meeting on December 2, 2019 in Worcester, MA.

Currently Nominated Candidates:

  • President: Ian McKinnon
  • Vice President: Kenneth Cram, Jennifer Conley
  • Secretary: Rachel Dooley
  • Treasurer: Ted DeSantos
  • Two Junior Director Positions: Jeffrey Santacruce, Derek Hug, Ariel Greenlaw

Click on the candidate below for their position papers.

Jennifer Conley for Vice President
Kenneth Cram for Vice President
Jeffrey Santacruce for Junior Director
Derek Hug for Junior Director
Arial Greenlaw for Junior Director

As required in section 4.5 of the Section’s bylaws, additional nominations for Director or Officer may be made by petition, signed by not less than five voting members. Each such petition shall be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to run for the stated office, and must be received by the Secretary not later than the third Monday of October. A member may not be a Candidate for more than one office. Letters of consent and signed petitions are due by close of business on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and may be mailed or emailed to:
Thomas Errico
NEITE President
TYLIN International
12 Northbrook Drive
Falmouth, ME 04105
thomas.errico (at) tylin (dot) com